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A team that has been together over 30 years

John Nacca of Kettering Accountants John S Ward

John Nacca FCCA

John is head of corporate and personal taxation, statutory and professional requirements for all businesses and individuals. This includes tax investigations at all levels, together with forward planning and group consolidations, audits and accounts.

Steve Rouse of Kettering Accountants John S Ward

Steve Rouse FCCA

Steve deals with company and individuals' problems, corporate, personal and partnership accounts, taxation and planning as well as back-duty investigations, and all current corporate and personal compliance matters.

Kevin Perkins of Kettering Accountants John S Ward

Kevin Perkins FCCA

Kevin manages implementation of proposed strategies for corporate and group clients, partnerships and individuals, together with involvement in tax investigation work and compliance.


About our Founder...
David Butler, FCCA (1948-2018), founded the original practice in 1975 in Teignmouth, Devon, subsequently opening the Kettering office in 1980,  growing the company into a nationally renowned practice for progressive clients, although still servicing a large number of small companies and individuals in various industries.
David's vast knowledge was matched by his legendary recall of facts and figures over many years.
He was also responsible for the innovative workbook series that helped clients plan their futures with a 'What If' scenario that even the most modern apps still cannot match. 
His unique style of innovative lateral thinking complemented his passion for leading-edge technology and he was an early pioneer in computerised accounting and the paperless office.